Services - Astrology and Intuitive Readings

Astrology and Intuitive Readings

Readings that empower.

I can help you find answers, discover new opportunities, get unstuck and get where you want to go. 

With greater ease.

I work with  

Relationships – Love, friends, family, business 

Career – Choices, decisions, timing 

Major Personal Events – Analysis and understanding it all!

Understanding and navigating your current situation 

Preparing for upcoming events, challenges and opportunities   

Open doors to self-empowerment, personal growth, timing of events for the optimum outcome, including job interviews, weddings (and even first dates!), as well as the most favorable timing of any significant event such as large purchases, signing documents, etc., as well as any important choices to be made.


A choice of appointment...

Intuitive Readings and Astrology Sessions are conducted by phone, skype or email.   All consultations are recorded and emailed to you as an audio file immediately after our appointment – so there's no need to take notes! I generally place the call to you, but you are also welcome to phone me instead   Either way is perfect...

To schedule a session, simply contact me for available appointment times, choose the appointment length from the drop down menu, and pay through the PayPal options.  You may also pay directly through PayPal to me at  

Appointment length and prices...

30 minutes - $70 

60 minutes - $120 

15 minutes - $40  


Intuitive Readings and Astrology Sessions...

Buy one, Get one half off the second reading of equal length.  

One for you - one for a friend!  Or two for you!  You can also "bank" the second reading for a later time... You're welcome to be as creative as you like with your two readings!  

Reading options - length and prices

Astrology reading special offer- buy one get one half off...