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AstroUpdate for Monday November 13 through Sunday, November 19. Love or fantasy? Or both??

 The week has a push me-pull you energy about it, beginning with a soft and lovely Venus-Jupiter connection but tied to a confusing Mercury-Neptune square, then later a Neptune-Venus dreamy waltz, a Mercury-Mars hot and creative salsa –  and then bang. Concludes with a powerful Scorpio New Moon and pure transformation – or angry – Mars square Pluto. Ready or not!    

Monday offers up the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in intense Scorpio. That can easily bring passion, determination and even good luck in relationships, creativity, and money! However, the same day, brings the Mercury-Neptune square, so all those romantic facts, communication, declarations or commitments can be muddled or confused. Or even downright deceptive. Unintentionally or otherwise.   Something said or promised (by others or us!) could get misunderstood or blown out of proportion.  So caution is advised behind those rose-colored glasses!    

Also, should there be a letdown, disappointment or misjudgment in that Venus-Jupiter promise, Mercury squaring Neptune could also bring melancholy or even a bit of depression. Mercury square Neptune can be a confusing or difficult time no matter what, so it's generally not a good time to make important decisions or have those "sensitive" conversations.  Conversations and situations could easily be misunderstood.    

Though the early week is not a good time to take things at face value it is, however, a good couple of days for relaxing and flowing with right brain intuitive guidance, dreams and creativity. Easing up in left brain action could also see an organic, natural, positive push for creative writing or speaking. Just be sure you've got all your facts straight and true!  All in all, the early week should be great for social interaction, but it will also be oh- so-easy to overindulge for these few days! 

Thursday, November 16th  brings a soft sensuous trine from Neptune to Venus,  as well as a healing trine from the Scorpio Sun to retrograde Chiron in Pisces. This adds to the flowing, creative, romantic energy of the early week, plus adds healing opportunities as well.  Be available to new joy and pleasures! This is the day to "believe it to see it!" Ease, compassion and forgiveness are also on hand in the event words were misspoken or actions confused earlier in the week!  

And on Friday, November 17th, Mercury dances with Mars in a 60 degree sextile aspect of opportunity.  This, now, will be excellent for communicating, conversation or writing.  People may be more willing to talk and share today!   

The end of the week brings power. And transformation. Hopefully, we've used the generous early week and banked it!   

Saturday, November 18th brings a Scorpio New Moon at 26 degrees of Scorpio. This potent New Moon is privileged with a trine to retrograde Chiron, so there's healing to be had – especially as it relates to deep emotions, taxes, debt, sex, needed change and/or transformation. However, the  Scorpio New Moon  also makes a razor-sharp inconjunct to retrograde Uranus in Aries, so some distress or discomfort can be expected as actions and situations are seen to have an unexpectedly greater impact and consequence. 

And at essentially at the same time, we come to the Power Aspect that's loomed and overshadowed this week – and really the entire month of November.   

Sunday, November 19th, Mars will square off with Pluto from 17 degrees of Libra to Capricorn. Never doubt that this can be a difficult, challenging and/or angry transit. Without a keen eye to personal responsibility and balance, power struggles, rage, arguments or accidents could surface. Expect that people pushed (you or others) will most certainly push back! This weekend would be a time to step back and avoid contentious subjects since the Scorpio New Moon is also ruled by Mars and Pluto – spelled anger, agitation, aggression, eruptions of buried anger even rage. 

However – and this is a Big However – when directed consciously, an enormous amount can be achieved. Remaining steadfastly aware of focus on things that are in our control and those that are not, focusing on our own next step – while pausing or stepping back in caution and balance – can pay off in wildly powerful ways.     

Some of the intensity begins to lift by early the following week when Mars joins in opportunity with the fateful North Node and the Sun enters vibrant Sagittarius, we'll see our path more clearly and with greater optimism. Door open.  Stay tuned.  More to come…